“My three children have attended neighborhood and charter schools in Douglas County. Our teachers and administrators are wonderful people. It saddened me to watch the culture of fear that developed under the previous administration. I am grateful for the changes current leadership has made to reverse that culture and I would support those efforts. It’s time to bring stability and respect back to our school district and to get back to work for kids. My only agenda is to make decisions based on the best interest of kids in Douglas County. I want excellence for kids – we owe them nothing less.”

Grant Nelson (District E) is a second-generation native Coloradan who has lived in Douglas County since 1993. Grant is a graduate of CU Boulder. He is the parent of three current students in Douglas County who have attended both neighborhood and public charter schools. He currently owns a successful commercial real estate business that operates throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. Grant strongly believes in the Douglas County public education system and knows it can continue to serve students and parents well with the correct leadership. Grant is also a strong believer that parents know best what their children need from education.