“My two girls thrived in Douglas County schools because we had the flexibility to choose the education that best met their needs. Parents and kids deserve to have different options for education, whether that means more robust trades programs, or attending neighborhood, online, or charter schools.”

Randy Mills (District D) is a long-time resident of Douglas County who understands the benefits of a strong public education system. Both of his daughters have been blessed with an excellent public K-12 experience in Douglas County School District, where they attended both neighborhood and online schools. Randy is a small business owner and electrician who believes strongly in vocational and career training. He is actively involved in the community through various community organizations and has served in lay ministry, founded an educational nonprofit charity, volunteered with the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo, and serves as an elder for a community church. Randy believes parents have a right to select the best education platform for their child, and that they should be respected for those decisions.