If you believe you may have been a victim of voter suppression,

We are grateful for the following endorsements

The Denver Post Editorial Board, The Denver Post

“Both slates of candidates include accomplished, thoughtful people with roots in the district. And the answers they provided in questionnaires suggest members of both slates are willing to take a fresh look at the district’s compensation system and at ways to shore up community trust. But here too the potential influence of the union is worrisome — especially if the next board recognizes the AFT as the official bargaining unit, as seems likely if the AFT-backed slate wins.”

Brandon Blankenship, Douglas County Young Republicans

“For DCYR, the decision was simple. The Elevate team has been clear about their intent to give power back to the Parents and members of the community as it relates to school choice. Both sides have acknowledged budget concerns within the school district. The Elevate team has taken the position that this is first and foremost an issue of fiscal responsibility and trust within the community, and have committed themselves to earning and honoring the trust placed in them as school board members. It is at this point that they may, with credibility, bring to the voters any remaining budget constraints that must be addressed. Ultimately, approving additional tax dollars for education is a voter decided issue, and not a school board issue (…)”

Tanne Blackburn, Douglas County Republicans

“We are endorsing to help level the playing field and to expose Leung, Holtzmann, Schor, and Graziano’s deception to our community. They are not conservatives and do not hold Republican values. If you typically check the R box on the ballot, you should vote for Mills, Abresch, Scheffel, and Nelson. We hope all Republicans in Douglas County will join us in support of these four…”

Joyce Rankin,

Vice Chair, State Board of Education, 3rd Congressional District

Pam Mazanec,

State Board of Education, 4th Congressional District

Steve Durham,

State Board of Education, 5th Congressional District


We had the pleasure of serving on the State Board of Education with Debora Scheffel, an accomplished educator and outstanding leader on behalf of all Colorado students.  Debora and her fellow running mates Randy Mills, Ryan Abresch, and Grant Nelson are committed to educational choice and success for Douglas County students.  We are pleased to provide our endorsement.”

Pam Mazanec
State Board of Education, 4th Congressional District

“Having served with her on the State Board of Education, I can say without reservation that Debora Scheffel is the most qualified candidate.  She has an impressive and extensive educational resume, the highest principles, and a heart for serving.  Randy Mills, business owner, Ryan Abresch, attorney and legal analyst, and Grant Nelson, real estate developer, all fathers, are also dedicated to elevating the discourse and the district for students, parents, and teachers.  It is with pleasure that I endorse the Elevate Douglas County slate.”

Joyce Rankin, Vice Chair State Board of Education, Third Congressional District

“I serve on the State Board of Education and served with Debora Scheffel when she was a member. As a thoughtful board member and educator she was able to cut through the banter and listen to the tax payers, parents and most importantly the students. She will always put students first with their teachers and parents rounding out the foundation of a great education. Through choice every child has a great opportunity to reach their potential. Douglas County deserves the best.  Douglas County deserves Debora Scheffel.”

State Senator Chris Holbert

“If you share my view that parents make the best decisions for their kids, then please vote for Randy Mills, Ryan Abresch, Deborah Scheffel, and Grant Nelson.”

Joni Inman, Colorado Women’s Alliance

“What we’ve found is that every woman, no matter her political affiliation, wants the best educational opportunities for children. Providing top notch education for every child, in a fiscally prudent manner, is a tough job. We feel that the Elevate Douglas County slate is best equipped to provide that balance.”

U.S. Congressman Ken Buck, Republican

“The Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow motto has made Douglas County one of the premier school districts in the nation. I hope you’ll cast your vote for Randy Mills, Ryan Abresch, Debora Scheffel and Grant Nelson. They embody this motto and will fight to renew Douglas County’s tradition of educational excellence, empower parents to be partners in their children’s education, support our educators, and expand educational options for students. Please join me and support the Elevate slate.”

The Gazette Editorial Board, The Gazette

“ElevateDouglasCounty.com advocates four candidates who will stand for school choice and the First Amendment’s ability to defend it. They are: Randy Mills; Ryan Abresch; Deb Scheffel; and Grant Nelson. School board elections matter. This one has national implications for ending racist laws and expanding school choice.”



The Elevate Douglas County slate is composed of Douglas County residents Randy Mills, Debora Scheffel, Grant Nelson, and Ryan Abresch, all of whom are running for director positions on the Douglas County School District Board of Education in the November 2017 election. The slate stands for renewing Douglas County’s tradition of educational excellence, empowering parents to be partners in their children’s education, supporting and respecting educators, and expanding educational options for students.



Randy Mills (District D) is a long-time resident of Douglas County who understands the benefits of a strong public education system. Read more…


Ryan Abresch (District B) and his wife moved to Douglas County from El Paso County in order to take advantage of the district’s excellent schools for their growing family. Read more…


Debora Scheffel (District G) has deep roots in Douglas County. Read more…


Grant Nelson (District E) is a second-generation native Coloradan who has lived in Douglas County since 1993. Read more…